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We manufacture and wholesale solar pergola ground mounts.

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Why offer solar pergolas to your customers?

2 Man | 1 Day Installation

Our patent pending solar pergolas have been meticulously engineered to be installed by an agile crew of 2 people.  All materials are light and manageably sized.  This gives you a significant advantage of being able to split larger crews into smaller crews allowing you to install more systems faster.  Our pergolas are only 8ft tall also reducing the risk your employees take.

Dramatically Lower Cancellation rates


Cancellations will happen.  Thanks to the way the pergola is designed you no longer are dependent on a design team to draw up proposals for each individual home.  It is expandable to fit the needs of nearly any home.  It also has a footprint small enough that most cities will not require building permits.  This allows you to potentially be installing the same day the sale goes through.  Eliminating most cancellations.

Safe Installation

Time spent on a hot roof can be dangerous, even with trained professionals with proper safety equipment. Time spent inside a sweltering attic can also be dangerous and miserable.  Accidents happen to everyone.  Drilling holes in a roof additionally adds an element of risk.  Our pergola stands at just 8ft tall and does not require anyone to walk on top of it.

Increased Profit Margins

We wholesale the pergola for $2500.  Suggested retail price is $5500.  This puts an additional $3000 profit in your pocket.  Everyone wins.

Leg up on Competition

Most solar companies do not offer structures whatsoever.  To our knowledge, we are the only company offering wholesale kits.  This gives you a big advantage over your competition not only providing a hook to get into doors but a unique approach to aquiring new customers.

Upsell Opportunity

Our pergolas are designed to be upgraded.  We sell kits that easly bolt on to customize them.  These are also designed to provide your company with additional profit margins.  Between beam wraps, decorative corbels, fence panels, ets.  Second money has never been easier to get.

Streamlined Sales process

One of the largest benefits of the solar pergola is the sales process.  There will not be a need to send a potential sale over to a design team to draw up a proposal.  Salesmen will already be armed with a complete packet of information that will not be required to change from home to home.  They will have all material they need to close the sale before they knock on the customers door.

The Solar
Pergola Installation Process

Genesis Solar Pergolas are a breeze to install.  Not only is it much safer for your employees, it's much less hot, and can quickly and safely be done with only 2 people.  The pergola fully installs within 5 hours under standard conditions.  Let us break down the steps for you:

Install the footings

Due to our patent pending elements, there is essentially only 1 pergola design.  This allows you to completely bypass the design phase of solar installation

Assemble the

All that is needed to assemble the pergola kit is a driver and some hand clamps.  All cutting, drilling, and channeling has been done in our workshop.

Set Panels into

Our pergolas have been meticulously engineered to fit nearly all makes and models of panels while still being adaptable to on-site hiccups.  They will quickly and easily fasten into place safely and securely.

Inspect & Connect

This part has not changed.  City inspectors will come out to look over the installation and make sure everything is up to code.  Then turn on your panels.

Worried about the learning curve?

We are with you every step of the way

Learning something new can be painful and time consuming.  In turn costing you money, salesmen, and customers.  Our staff is at your disposal to train your installation crew on the new methods, go over processes with salesmen, and permitting and engineering with your technicians.  Adding this new offering will come with minimal growing pains and serious upside!  We are here to make the transition and smooth and stress-free as possible.


Our patent pending design has removed all special tools from the equation

  • Clamps

  • 12" Auger

  • Impact Driver

  • Tape Measure

  • Shovel

  • 6ft Ladder

  • Bar Level

  • Hammer

Great care has been taken to ensure that the installation of our pergola goes smoothly.  There will be no guesswork nor specialized tools of any kind.  All cuts, measuring, drilling, etc have been taken care of beforehand in our workshop to make certain the pergola installs with no substantial skills, knowledge, training, or tools.

What tools will I need?


Still not sure Genesis Pergolas are for your business?

If we did not address all your questions and concerns, please reach out to us and let us address them directly.  There is a lot to consider and discuss while setting up a wholesale relationship.  We would love to meet with your business and discuss things further.

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