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Start to Finish

This will cover the entire process from knocking on the door to completed.

Done Deal

The Sale

Sales are the lifeblood of any company.  Once the customer says yes, though, the work is just beginning.  We must get a signature on a paper contract.  Add their name, phone number, address, system size, etc. onto the Trello management system


Once the customer says yes.  We need to get the financing in order.  There are a few available options but the first priority should be getting them into a HELOC.  These offer the most competitive rates and are the most flexible options.  The basic criteria are a credit score over 700 or a score over 650 and a debt-to-income ratio of 50% or less.

Financial Graphs
Surveyor on Construction Site

Blue Stakes/basic Site Survey

The customer will know where they want the pergola installed.  Ideally, we want it as close as possible to the electrical panel to save them money.  While outside ensure the pergola will fit (26ft L x 12ft W).  Take pictures of:

  1. Installation site pictures

  2. Electrical panel pictures

  3. Call 711 Blue Stakes to investigate the ground

  4. Measure trench length

Obtain building permits

In most cities, any structure under 200 sqft footprint will not require a building permit from the city.  This must be verified along with the minimum property line standoff.

Man in Suit Signing


Renovation Tools

Installation should take 1 day.  

  1. Mark pile locations

  2. Install footings ensure true vertical installation

  3. attach 4x4s to piles

  4. Run leveling twine and mark 4x4s

  5. through-bolt beams to 4x4s using level lines

  6. lag screw joists onto beams

  7. lag screw knee braces to beams and joists

  8. Nail in beam wrap (optional)

  9. stain and clear coat (optional)

  10. Set panel into place

  11. screw clamps to joists and secure panels

Connect system to panel

A qualified electrician must be the one to come connect the system to the grid.  



The city will come out to inspect the system to ensure no issues might arise from a shoddy installation.  This is the final step before the system can be turned on and our work is completed.

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