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Roof Solar Meets the Pergola

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Don't want solar on
your roof?
You're not alone!

Roof solar is ugly!

Are you someone who is passionate about the idea of solar energy but can't seem to get past the unattractive look of traditional solar panels on your roof? We completely understand your concerns, and that's we're excited to introduce you our innovative solution - solar pergolas! Not only are they functional and timeless, but they are also designed to be absolutely beautiful, so you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Solar pergolas can move with you


The other major issue with putting solar on your roof, is when you move the new owner must take over the payments for you.  Roof solar is not removeable.  Pergola solar is.  Roof solar doesn't usually add $1 of value to your home.  Pergolas DO add value to your home.  If you're selling your home and the new owner doesn't want the solar, pack it up and take it to your next home.  Our panels, using our patented bracket system literally come off in minutes and are ready for your new home.

Roof solar can put leaks in your roof

What roof solar companies often won't tell you is that once you punch a hole in your roof, the chances of leaks skyrockets.  If the panels were installed perfectly, that risk goes down....but when was the last time you met a perfect human?  Are you really eager to roll the dice on a leaky roof?

Roof solar is difficult and dangerous to clean

Another thing that isn't often discussed is the necessity to clean your solar panels.  If you put them on your roof, good luck cleaning them!  They will either drop in production, you'll need a big ladder to get up there yourself, or you will have to pay a company to come clean them.  With pergola solar, all you need is a swiffer and a 6ft ladder.  Production goes up, danger goes down, and money is saved once again!

Solar pergolas cost nearly the same as roof mount

Mounting panels on the roof takes much longer than on a pergola.  Our patented system allows the negation of an entire racking system which lower the cost of the installation substantially.  The pergola installation is also much safer!  We don't have people crawling through your attic or on your roof which means less accidents.  All of these improvements effect the bottom line and the cost of the pergola.

Solar pergolas are expandable

Our pergolas are designed to grow with you.  Regardless if you need 8 panels or 30 our pergolas can support what you need.  We have nearly countless options of upgrades and expansions to achieve the electrical independence and savings you desire.

Solar Pergola expansion graphic_edited.png

Engineered to be Expanded

We are extremely excited to introduce our latest innovation that is set to transform your outdoor living space. Our patent-pending design is a game-ch, offering a repeatable core design that enables you to create the pergola of your dreams. Starting at a minimum of 14ft x 12ft, the possibilities are endless as we can add as many expansions as you desire. Our design is incredibly versatile, allowing it to be on any surface, be it grass, gravel, concrete, or any other you can think of. Get ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level with our revolutionary design!


Designed to be upgraded

Our team of experts has put in a great deal of effort to engineer our patent pending pergola to be as versatile and flexible as possible. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that is not only functional but also visually appealing. Whether are looking to add lights, beefy posts, benches, fire pits, or any other, we have got you covered! Our solar pergola has a core that can be upgraded to be as ornate and decorative as you desire, allowing you to customize it to your liking. Whether you are looking to impress your neighbors with a stunning outdoor space or want to get solar for your home at an affordable price, we can help you achieve your goals.

What is the installation process like?

Install the footings

Our pergola is designed to be installed using various different footing methods.  Most of the time this is accomplished with extra large screws called piles/piers.

Assemble the

We finish all the cutting, drilling, channeling, etc in our workshop beforehand so installation is a breeze.  The pergola core will be installed in 1 day.

Set Panels into

Using our patent pending structure and process, solar panels can be arranged in various configurations and panel sizes.  

Inspect & Connect

This part has not changed.  City inspectors will come out to look over the installation and make sure everything is up to code.  Then turn on your panels.

Seem to good to be true?

Truly great ideas usually seem obvious

Trying something new can be daunting, but it can also be exhilarating. The truth is, people have been clamoring for stunning solar structures for more than a decade. The challenge has always been to create something both functional and beautiful, while still being affordable and straightforward. However, after more than 5 years of development and engineering, we have successfully created a product that meets all of these criteria. We are confident that our solution will revolutionize the market and we can't wait to share it with you


Ready to get started?

The first step is always financing.

While we do offer traditional solar financing, it is not where we recommend starting first.  Through the years we have found that solar financing often hurts our customers as much as it helps.  We therefore, only recommend it if it makes sense.  The best place to start is always through a HELOC.  Using your home as collateral for home improvement clearly makes the most sense and provides you, our customer, with the best foot to stand on.


Still not sure Genesis Pergolas are for your you?

If we did not address all your questions and concerns, please reach out to us and lets chat.  There is a lot to consider and discuss with solar and we truly believe once you understand our products you will be not only excited but confident in us.  We would love to meet with you and discuss things further in your home or in our office.

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