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Let us show you how to save over $10,000 switching to solar.

Let’s start by stating the often ignored truth:

You WILL spend at least tens of thousands of dollars on your power bills and have absolutely nothing to show for it if you don't do anything. 


That is a hard truth to swallow so many (most) of us ignore it.  We have been paying power bills for so long it is now normal.  Solar provides you with another option: Instead of leasing/renting your electricity each month from the power company…why not simply buy the equipment to make your own electricity?  You did the exact same thing with your house when you finally got sick of paying your landlord rent. 

Solar has been federally subsidized temporarily to afford you such an opportunity.  Imagine if you could put all of those monthly energy bills towards something useful.  How quickly would that add up?!  What could you accomplish with tens of thousands of dollars?  Finish your basement? Take your kids on that vacation?  Retire earlier?  Buy that car you’ve been eyeing through the years?

Solar is not a scam.  It is simple math.  Did we mention solar comes with a warranty?  Did we mention said warranty is 25 years!?  Some things get ignored or turned down because they are so simple or actually make too much sense.

If you are now wondering: “Why doesn’t everyone just buy solar?!  What am I missing?!” 

To this we say: “Welcome to the long overdue future.”

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