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Interested but not sure?  How about this: 

Come out selling with us for the day and we will pay you $10/hour just to tag along.  Plus, a commission on anything you are able to sell.  


What's the worst that could happen? could find out you hate it but still make a little money.


BUT!...What is the best that could happen...


Success! Message received.


Have questions? 

Call Drew at (801) 722-5406


Beau at (801) 669-6601

Stop struggling at a job you hate.  Sell door to door while you work on getting into your dream job.  Sell door to door while you study through college.

Who are we?

Let us state the obvious.  We are a fairly new business.  That doesn't mean that we are new to solar.  We have many individuals with vast experience within the solar industry.  Also, our installers are the same used by some of the biggest and best companies in Utah.  They have extremely high reviews and countless good things said about them.  


"Why do I want to sell for a new busines?" 

To keep it simple..."We are going to pay you more than anyone else."

The fact is, as a smaller company, we will value you and listen to your ideas and concerns.  Not to mention, we are willing to pay you what you are worth.  

How much will I REALLY make?

On the typical sale you will make roughly $2000.  Average salesmen will get about 1 sale a week.  That is close to $100,000/year just to be average.  Though, I suspect you are not interested in being average and want to make more than that.  This is where working for a newer company can really pay off.  As we grow, so do you.  There is a ton of opportunity for advancement.  As you show us your value, we are going to pay you more.  We believe good employees shouldn't have to ask for a raise.  The company should recognize their worth and simply give it to them.

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